Bringing wives, girlfriends… or co-workers

Don’t bring wives, girlfriends… or co-workers to the strip club


No matter how cool your girlfriend or wife may be, don’t assume she’ll be fine with joining you at a strip club. Most don’t want to see their man with another woman, even if it’s just for a three-minute lap dance. And don’t even think about bringing a female co-worker or “just a friend” — that, too, may also be a bad idea. Plus it’s just weird.

“Sometimes guys bring in female friends that are either uncomfortable or judgmental and that brings down the morale of the group.” Ca$hmere tells us.

Of course, let’s not assume all women hate strip clubs. Many actually have a good time and enjoy the attention of the dancers just as much as the men do. Ca$hmere recalls a combined bachelor and bachelorette party that came in recently without any problems:

“They had an area towards the back with a ton of space and had quite a few girls rotating through the entire night just to accommodate all the people in the party. They had a really awesome time.”


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