How to Avoid the Top 10 Worst Bachelorette Party Scams in Las Vegas

How to Avoid the Top 10 Worst Bachelorette Party Scams in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a bustling and lively city. Renowned for its diverse attractions, Vegas is a top vacation destination. Most residents of Las Vegas are honest, hard-working people. The important thing for them is to keep their customers happy with their excellent customer service. While many people in Las Vegas value integrity, there are still a select few who will take advantage of visitors who are having good time. Scammers looking for a quick buck will take advantage of those who put their guard down while trying to relax. Unfortunately, a lot of unwary tourists get cheated out of their hard-earned money. We want you to keep the dollars in your pocket. That starts by staying up to date with the common scams you may encounter on the busy streets. The most common schemes are listed here in Scam Alerts, and will be discussed in detail in the linked posts. We’ll add new ones as we become aware of them and will update the list often. So, bookmark this page and check back often, especially before you come to visit Las Vegas.

1. The Taxi to Strip Club Scam

While most Las Vegas taxi drivers are honest and reliable, there are a few bad apples. Here’s what you should know when you plan to take a cab to the hot spots:
  • YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR RIDE TO THE STRIP CLUB Aside from the average taxi scams in Las Vegas, from rigged meters to increased fares – you should be aware that some TAXIS ARE IN KAHOOTS WITH SOME STRIP CLUBS TO CHARGE YOU MORE. The drivers get KICKBACKS for funneling customers to certain strip clubs.The taxi driver will try to entice you with low fares or generous inclusions when you go to their suggested club. When the driver takes you to that club, the club will have a high cover charge (Usually between $50 and $75).What’s more frustrating is that it most likely will not include drinks, dances, or any other services you could’ve paid for with that much money! If you have to pay for a ride from your hotel, then you should know that you’re already getting scammed. You don’t have to pay so much to get to your favorite strip club. With the best strip clubs, you can save money by booking the club’s professional riding services!
  • TAXIS MAY TRY TO LONGHAUL YOU Be aware of drivers who try to take longer routes to increase the fare. They take tourists- especially first timers- in loops through Las Vegas’s sprawling roads in order to up the time, distance, and therefore the charge Use a mapping app like Google Maps to research the shortest route to your destination. You may also try to pre-calculate the cost through Uber or Lyft. Always ask the driver to turn on the meter and be sure to watch the meter as you ride. If the meter seems to be running too quickly, ask the driver to explain the fare.
  • TAXIS MIGHT NOT TAKE YOU TO YOUR DESIRED LOCATION This scam occurs when the taxi driver takes you to a different place than where you asked to be taken. If there’s a certain strip club you wanted to go to, they could lie and might say something along the lines of “The drinks there are SUPER expensive”, “The dancers in that club aren’t that good-looking “, or “This club makes really good drinks for less money”.

2. The Music CD Scams

Ever wanted to support a local artist trying to rise up in the top billboards? Try not to fall for the “Music CD Scam”. A random person may introduce themselves to you as a rapper, producer, etc. and ask you to listen to their mixtape. They might even throw in their autograph claiming that the CD will be worth more in the future since it is signed by a soon-to-be famous musician. They may say something like “I poured my heart and soul into my songs; all you need to do support me would be just listen to it.” or any line that gets you to take the CD they’ve offered. Once you do, they will forcefully ask you to “donate” for the CD you just took – usually around $5 to $10. It would be difficult to say no since they may refuse to take the CD back and will harass you until you give them money. If you do give them money, chances are the CD has some crappy music on it or is a blank. Avoid being a victim of this scam by doing the following:
  • KEEP WALKING Ignore, ignore, and ignore. Walk fast, walk past, and do not make eye-contact. Do not let them stop you.
  • KEEP WALKING In case you can’t walk away, be assertive enough to say no to whatever they’re soliciting.
  • WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT TAKE THE CD Once you take the CD, that is when the scammer artists will start pressuring you into giving them money. If you did take the CD, put it on ground and walk away.
  • IF THEY WONT STOP, CALL 911 You may call 911 or report them to the local authorities for harassing you.

3. The Aggressive Street Performer Scams

In Las Vegas, there is no shortage of talented street performers. Bright and well-crafted costumes, great talents for display–it would be a shame to not enjoy the show. You have the choice not to tip them, but it is expected when you interact with them, especially when a photo-op is involved. However, there may be some who will be aggressive and demand payment for watching their performance Deal with Aggressive Street Performers by doing the following:
  • KNOW THAT IT IS ILLEGAL FOR STREET PERFORMERS TO CHARGE A FEE According to the Pedestrian Mall Ordinance, street performers cannot ask a specific charge for their services. They are only allowed to ask for gratuity. So, if a street performer charges a price for their show and are pestering you, you could call the local authorities
  • IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO TIP THEM, DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THEM Keep walking and do not look at them in the eye. Avoid getting their attention if you do not plan on leaving a tip.

4. The Bait and Switch Stripper Scam

So, you saw this gorgeous stripper in a magazine ad. You know you and your friends would have a wonderful time with someone so stunning. You book this dancer days before your bachelorette party. The fated day comes and then BAM! They look nothing like the ad that caught your eye. The Bait and Switch Scam is an age-old scheme in the Las Vegas stripping business – Beautiful Photos on the Ad, Horror Stories in the Pad. They even have the audacity to charge more for services that are included when you pay for a legitimate stripper. To avoid this type of scam, you may consider doing the following:
  • GO TO REPUTABLE ENTERTAINMENT SERVICE There are tons of entertainment companies in Las Vegas that are regulated by the law and health departments to provide the best and most secure experience for anyone looking to enjoy themselves in Sin City.
  • PRE-ARRANGE APPOINTMENTS WITH TRUSTED AGENCIES You can verify the quality and standards of the business if they can be searched through this link:

5. The Homeless/Beggar/Panhandler Scams

Looks can be deceiving, and that can be truly said for the “beggars” that pretend to be poor in Las Vegas. There will probably be times where you want to help the poor, but the thing is you don’t really know where they will end up spending the money- or if they even need it in the first place. Is it possible to tell apart the people who are truly in need from the ones that are scamming and conning? Unfortunately, it is hard to do so. If you truly want to help the homeless, it is better to support a professional and legitimate charity that does so such as the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth

6. The Club VIP Passes Scam

In Las Vegas, there will be times that you come across offers for a “FREE VIP Passe” with free drinks and lap dances to just about any nightclub. Such an offer sounds too good to be true … because IT IS! These “FREE” VIP Passes usually have very fine print that an unwary customer wouldn’t read. Once they sign up for one of these scam passes, you will be taken to sit in their VIP area. They will not deliver what was promised and would try to charge you extra for the services and drinks that were supposed to be included in the “Free Pass” Pay attention to everything that is on the paper, especially the fine print! Keep asking questions about what you will really get with your pass. If your gut tells you that it’s not worth it, then bail out! When you participate in Las Vegas’s nightlife, remember you should only be paying for what you get!

7. The Photographer Scam

Las Vegas is a high traffic destination where many like to commemorate their trips with professional photos. There are hundreds of photographers to choose from, and even some marketing themselves on the street! The issue here is that any bozo can buy a dusty camera and pretend they’re an artist. Those without expertise in the field will have trouble telling the fake ones apart. So, what are some signs that you might be getting scammed? The first is if someone asks for “tips” for post-production editing. This sounds like an innocent request, but it’s actually a red flag. Any good photographer will take care of their own post-processing and editing as part of their service. Real photographers are even hesitant to provide the raw, unedited files. Part of the artistry is post-production. Another sign is if the photographer tries to rush through the shoot. They should be taking as much time as needed with each shot—and they should have plenty of time between shots so they can talk with you about what kind of shots you want and how many different angles they want to take them at before moving onto the next one.

8. The Private Escort Scam

While the Las Vegas vibe is known to be promiscuous, Prostitution is illegal here. Typically, private sexual affairs are done in a more discreet way, such as inviting the lady of the night into a hotel room. This has happened to a lot of people who have invited prostitutes onto their private rooms. The escort would ask their customer to “get into something more comfortable” or to “freshen up” in the bathroom first. When they come back, the prostitute would have everything stashed away—their money and credit cards, as well as anything else that may be of value to them. The victim will be so busy trying to figure out how they can get their things back that they wouldn’t notice that they’re gone until it’s too late! In the worst case, the escort would drug the customer’s drink and wait for them to black out. This type of situation could happen to anyone, man or woman. As mentioned above, it is recommended to hire your escorts from a reputable and fully licensed agency which would lessen the chances of this scam happening. Check reviews for agencies that describe the pros and cons of hiring escorts.

9. The Card Slapper Scam

The Card Slapper scam typically occurs on the Las Vegas Strip, where con artists approach tourists and offer them the opportunity to win money by playing a simple card game. The game is usually a variation of Three Card Monte, where the victim must guess which card the con artist is holding. However, the con artist uses sleight of hand to switch the cards around, making it nearly impossible for the victim to win. In the end, the con artist slaps the cards down on the table, revealing the victim’s “loss” and demanding payment. Victims of the Card Slapper scam often feel pressured to pay the con artist, as they may be surrounded by accomplices pretending to be outraged at the victim’s “loss.” The entire game is rigged, and the victim has no chance of winning. If you find yourself approached by someone on the street offering to bet on a card game in Las Vegas, it’s best to simply walk away. Don’t be fooled by the promise of easy money – the Card Slapper scam is not worth your time or money. Stay safe and enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer without falling prey to scams like the Card Slapper.

10. The Nightclub Promoter Scam

The Las Vegas Strip is full of nightclub promoters who promise you the world if you buy their tickets. If you bite, it very well may cost you your world. We’ve all been there: you’re out in the city, and you spot a guy standing on the street corner with a sign that says “promotional specialist” or “service promoter.” He’s trying to get your attention and convince you to come to see his club. But what if he’s not actually a promoter? What if he’s just another scumbag trying to take advantage of people who are looking for something special? You might be surprised by how many scams are scattered across the Strip, but we want to make sure that doesn’t happen to YOU. So here are some tips to save yourself from a “promoter” scam:
  • Don’t trust anyone who asks for cash upfront.
  • Don’t buy anything from anyone who offers an exclusive deal on an event. There is no such thing as an “exclusive” deal in Las Vegas.
  • If the offer is too good to be true, it is.
Las Vegas is a city that is known for its busy Strip and eccentric attractions. The free flow of money from the bright-eyed bushy-tailed visitors lures some of the smartest con artists across the globe. To summarize our tips for avoiding scammers in Sin City: Always be aware of your surroundings, do your research, and be wary of strangers. Following these tips will help you fully enjoy your time in Las Vegas while avoiding sneaky, slimy scams.


There are tons of honest hard-working people and businesses in Las Vegas. The purpose of this page on my site is to keep you up to date not only on Las Vegas scams, but also on shady business practices designed to take your hard-earned money in exchange for little or no value. Please understand, an expensive cocktail is not necessarily a scam. The establishment that sold you that $18 cocktail may have to pay $50,000 a month or more just for a small space in such a good location; and they have other operating costs as well. A legitimate business has a right to make a profit. It even has a responsibility to its employees and customers to make a profit. That means they have to charge enough to cover their costs, pay employees and etc. In popular tourist areas like the Las Vegas Strip, that means prices are sometimes high. This in and of itself is reality; not a scam. The Las Vegas scam alerts listed here and discussed in detail in the linked posts are examples of the dishonest practices of shady people and business who choose to make money by deception and dishonesty. My goal is to make you aware of the scams so you won’t get ripped off trying to find a “deal.” I’ll add new ones as I become aware of them and will update the list often. So, bookmark this page and check back often, especially before you come to visit. In no particular order, here’s…

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