Don’t be rude

Don’t be rude


An easy way to keep a dancer away from you is being smelly, gross, mean, or just plain strange.

“When the guys are socially awkward, that makes it kind of tough,” says Ca$hmere. “If they are making weird noises or grunting — for the most part, we don’t want people to treat us in that awkward way.”

Also, inappropriate groping can quickly turn into a huge problem.

“The worst case was definitely a bachelor party,” recalls Ca$hmere about a group that came in a few months ago. “It was their first night in town so obviously, they had pre-gamed pretty hard. The bachelor was just really aggressive.

“If the touching is inappropriate, security will step in immediately.”

Most guys, though, are cool about following the rules and don’t misbehave. Ca$hmere notes, “It doesn’t happen as frequently as you might think.”


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