Top 8 Things Not To Do In Strip Clubs

Don’t Do These In Strip Clubs

  1. Taking a cab to get there as the good ones offer free limo service
  2. Groping or inappropriately touching the dancers as you will get kicked out
  3. Pretending that you’re texting while trying to snap a photo (kicked out)
  4. Bringing your wife or girlfriend as they might get uncomfortable or be judgmental
  5. Forgetting to bring enough cash to pay for drinks and tip
  6. Wearing the wrong clothing
  7. Getting your card declined for overspending
  8. Thinking you can get the girls to go to your hotel room with you. If by some stroke of luck, you find yourself in that situation with a stranger, just be sure to wrap it up. Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but the STD you catch comes home as well.

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